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Here’s my background concerning being an NBA fan

I’m the type of guy that likes to know everything about what I'm spending my money on. Sadly there is not much info that a person like me can find online about the Hornets. I’m going to give a good account of my time as a Charlotte Hornets Season Ticket Holder.
Here’s my background concerning being an NBA fan
I grew up about an hour away from Cleveland Ohio and believe it or not, I never went to a Cavaliers game during my teen years. As a teen I was watching all of the new age greats like Jordan, Barkley, Robinson, Ewing, and so on. Back in the early 90’s everyone around my way loved the Hornets and if you didn’t love the Hornets at least you loved their colors and gear. Charlotte Hornets gear was cool even up in Ohio.  So yes I was a Hornets fan back in the day and yes it does make me feel damn good to be a season ticket holder now. I graduated high school back in 1995 and didn’t really watch or follow The NBA until the end of the 2009/2010 NBA season. After watching LeBron James f…
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Charlotte Hornets 2018/2019 Season Ticket Holder Guide

2018/2019 Information about being a season ticket holder

This will be my 3rd season as a season ticket holder for the Charlotte Hornets and every season I learn a bit more and I share more with you the reader.
1/22/2018 - At this Point I'm still in the 2017/2018 season and I've renewed my seats.
I received a call and a letter from my account manager telling me about the upcoming 2018/2019 season.
I was given information about prices and the benefits for the 2018/2019 season

I paid my 1st of 12 payments for my 43 games in the 2018/2019 Season.

In the upcoming 2018/2019 season I will pay $7446.62 at $654.41 a month. I made back $3223.84 from my 2017/2018 half season so this upcoming FULL season will really cost me $4222.78. In the upcoming season after I sell the nights I don't go I might make a profit and put a serious dent in the 2019/2020 seasons cost.
This i…

Charlotte Hornets 2017/2018 Partial Season Ticket Holder Guide

2017/2018 Information about being a partial season ticket holder.

You will be able to select 23 games from the schedule *Opening Night plus any other 22 games*. How many games will you be going to?
The wife and I will be going to around 10 games for sure and possibly a few more.

How much will partial season tickets cost you? 

This year I went from a full season ticket holder plan in the premium Section 106, Row R at $4228.11 per seat for 43 home games. $8456.22 for the season.

To  a half season ticket holder plan in a lower area Section 112, Row J at $2371.08 per seat for 23 games. $4742.16 for the season.

A partial plan is a great deal if you're like me and can't go to all the games. The price per game is sold to you at a higher rate than a full season ticket holder but still at a discounted rate. 
What are the differences between partial season and full season benefits?
I was told that full season ticket holders get invites to all the events like player meet and greets, season ticke…

Why Being a Charlotte Hornets Season Ticket Holder Might Be a Good Financial Move

First off let me say that when selling your seats you will very rarely get back what you have paid for the seats. The being a good financial move comes in when you discover how much it costs to purchase seats for the nights when the best teams in the league come to town.
The above picture is a screen capture from the arenas Ticketmaster site that shows the seats for sale for the 12/31/2016 Hornets vs The Cavaliers game. Blue dots represent being sold by the arena and Red dots represent being sold by a season ticket holder. THERE ARE NO AVAILABLE SEATS IN THE 6 LOWER PREMIUM SEATS SECTIONS that are being sold by the arena. All the seats for sale are being sold by presumably greedy season ticket holders.  My seats are in section 106 row R and the the closest seats for comparison that a season ticket holder is trying to resale are in section 106  row O. That season ticket holder paid $198 for two seats a game and is asking $794 + tax for two seats. This person most likely will get around $…

The Truth About Selling Season Seats The Nights You Can't Go

Once the team released the seats I posted the nights we are not going to the games on StubHub, Ticketmaster and eBay for sale. Hopefully we can hook some other fans up the nights we don't go and recoup some of the money we spent to be Season Ticket Holders in prime seating.
**I only recommend double dipping like this is you are prepared to immediately  remove the seats from the whichever site the seats did not sell from at the time you get the email your seats have sold. If you sell the same seats twice you could be looking at getting kicked off one of the sites and having to pay for seats for the person you just cheated. Don't screw people over!!**

My first impressions about what is better between StubHub, Ticketmaster and eBay. 
Ticketmaster Click the link below for the Ticketmaster NBA tickets selling tutorial. Season Ticket Holder Post For Sale Tutorial

On Ticketmaster I used the Market Price option were your seats price will be raised or lowered depending on what the other seat…

See The View From The Seats Before You Buy

One of the issues I ran into as a live sports enthusiast was how can I tell if I'm going to like the view from the seats I want to buy. There are a few really good resources.
1. This site has views from many different venues. I suggest you look  up the arena you are going to and look up a seat in the section and row close to the seat you want to buy for an event. Beware, some people take horrible pictures but you can get a good guess at the view your going to get buy viewing others pictures. Make sure you add your pictures so others can make decisions based on your pictures.
2. Use the teams official website 3D Seat Viewer The 3d seat viewer gives you a digital view of the sections and rows. It's been my experience that the 3D seat viewer the teams supply makes the seats seam a little closer than they are but it still is a good resource. I've used The CAVS 3D Seat Viewer and The Hornets 3D Seat Viewer

Here are a few examples
Actual photo of Section…

Charlotte Hornets 2016/2017 Season Ticket Holder Guide

In my opinion the main thing a prospective Hornets season ticket holder has to understand is the real costs of being a season ticket holder.

Ask yourself out of 43 home games (2 preseason & 41 regular season)  How many will you be going to?  The wife and I will be going to 8 games for sure and possibly one more.
How much are you willing to spend for tickets? A Lot. After selling the nights I didn't go and getting back the money I paid upfront I spent $3730 to go to 8 games in a premium area and have season ticket holder benefits. 
Will you be selling the games you don't go to? I'll be selling all but the two preseason games that I am giving away to two of my young co-workers. I'm hoping to get back enough for selling the games during the season to cut what I spend in half by the end of the season.
UPDATE 12/22/2016 After selling 34 games I was not going to the average price per pair of tickets was $140.46. As a season ticket holder I paid $198 per pair of tickets. Keep …